Dating 6 weeks now,

You are 6 weeks pregnant you have been bleeding for 6 days now and it is really stressing you out you saw one small blood clot Does this mean Im having a miscarriage?

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Just enjoy your relationship and please don't let a silly dream come between the two of you. I myself have had my period for the first trimester with my boy and everything turned out fine with no complications. Good Luck, dating a girl with no money things are always hard at the start, so it'll be better later on, well see ya around sometime!

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When I was on depo I got my period for the entire time I was on it and for after I stopped. Promptly threw that out.

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He might seriously want more than you're giving him I would worry to much. Depo and long periods.

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We appreciate your transparency! Ive been dating a girl for a week now and now what do you do?

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Why doesn't your boyfriend end his text message with a kiss if you have been dating two months now and have been intimate on numerous occasions? I could count every freckle on her body, yet I don't know a person that looks like her at all.

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I woke up madder than a wet hen and ready to brain my husband when he got home, but realized it was nothing but a dream. I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and have been spotting a brown discharge for 6 days now is this normal?

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The odds are with the boy friend, but there is no guarantee. Of course you should probably let your doctor know when you go to get your next shot. Now she must take responsibility for her actions and have that baby rather than consider an abortion.

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Maybe now after suffering we can call it love. I was told to drink alot of water and rest as much as i can. I am about 6- 7 weeks still waiting for dating ultrasound as I have an irregular cycle and I loved food last week and this week I am on the couch morning and night crying into pillows and on my husband and into my scarves due to my nausea.

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I'd try takin her on a date were you could hav the exuse to hold her hand, like ice-staking.