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Especially on free sites. In discussion threads, AA could also mean adios amigo.

Ashley Madison has a strong database of millions of real and active female and male members. I needed to feel like a man again. We analyze many factors, none are as important as the member base of a hookup site.

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She or he has just as much to lose as you do. Craigslist is probably the most dangerous option for anyone looking to hook up with strangers. These 3 sites have limited amounts of fake profiles compared to all the other hookup sites.

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As she was also very highly verbally abusive, assaulting my manhood with everything from comparing my prowess to her lovers in anegative way to calling me a homosexual because I cried so much about her infidelity. My wife had cheated on me, we were divorcing.

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Members on InstaBang are in general real, active, and eager to hook up. Search Sites "AA" can mean many different things depending on the context of the post -- check out acronym search sites Acronym FinderInternet Slang or All Acronyms for more detailed lists.

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I had many, many one nighters before I figured out that the only thing that was going to fix me was TIME. For locations, AA most likely refers to Ann Arbor, a Michigan city and home to the University of Michigan, that features craigslist hookup experiences own Craigslist city listing.

The other route, the one night stand also sucks.

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For residential or rental listings, or social-group posts, AA may mean Alcoholics Anonymous. After about 15 minutes of the "act" she began to get upset that I wasnt "finishing"I hurried up to complete.


In the context of product sales, AA could refer to all ages for products, such as board games, that might otherwise be targeted to specific age groups. It will help you so much, it has me.

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I tried to converse with her as she regrouped but she was on the phone discussing her next stop with a john. Your problem is not sex, the problem is in your mind. There are many scams and pitfalls when using online hookup sites and we like to think that our in-depth reviews help some people avoid these.

A site with many members is going to increase your odds of meeting someone.

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Go out, pick up an average to below average rough chick go back and have your way. Time and another woman. Many common acronyms -- for example, AA -- can mean different things in different situations. I thought a good romp would straighten my head out.

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Additionally, you spend weeks literally panicked that you might have a disease. These sites are geared towards providing members quick, easy, and real local hookups.

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I was sure she was "working" but I didnt care, I just wanted a woman to want me. Discretion Fast Hookups These are the 6 main reasons people flocked to the casual encounters section of craigslist when it was at its peak. After we were done, she made rude remarks concerning the fees a cab ride home and a TIP!!

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Share on Facebook With 60 million users and 50 billion page impressions every month, Craigslist maintains a vibrant, active online community filled with job ads, discussions, classifieds and personals. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?


The Craigslist community does not maintain an authoritative dictionary of common terms, so you'll need to read the post or ad in its entirety to infer the abbreviation's context. AdultFriendFinder is the rare exception. On a trip to Las Vegas I was picked up by a highly attractive call girl in a high end hotel.

Not necessarily a serious relationship, but maybe just a FWB. I was there, right with ya about a year ago.

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With so many people making use of the lightly moderated system, it's inevitable that people will use slang and acronyms in their posts. Here are 3 sites that were a hit with our reviewers. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong.

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BTW, condoms are only so good, Herpes doesnt even slow down for one. H ll NO, do not go the hooker route. Good Luck Source s: Because she cant help you either!