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It is just off the boardwalk between Lake Avenue and Grenoble Place.

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It is also be possible to walk near the following buildings and monuments: If you cannot be at the repair garage when mechanics are working, you can lock your bike to the rack outside the DelDOT Bicycle Garage and send an email to bicycles4students gmail.

A bicycle is a vehicle and bicyclists must obey the same laws as drivers of other vehicles.

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Helmets are highly recommended and will be given to everyone who gets a bike from DelDOT. It's a green building. If we are able to accomplish this, we will contact all sponsors and ask them to share the bus information with you.

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Serious accidents happen every summer and a helmet could save your life. If you need a helmet, you can get a free one at the DelDOT Bicycle Garage during repair hours or at the student dinners on June 12, 14, 20, 26 and July 2, Public restrooms are available in most facilities and many have cafeterias where you can buy food and drinks.


If you are getting a free bike loaned to you by DelDOT, you must bring a bicycle combination lock with you to the safety session or purchase one good headlines to use on dating sites us at the session.

The front faces the boardwalk, behind some tall grass, the back has a fenced in parking lot with an entrance door.

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Please understand that we will have more students than bikes. Repairs will begin May 21 until September 7.

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At this time, we are trying to arrange a reduced fare seasonal bus pass for students. We will schedule you for a safety session based on your arrival date.

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This is at the north end of the boardwalk. Other places and facilities to enjoy include: You will need to buy a good combination lock not a lock with a key and keep your bike locked at all times. Access map below using this link.

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Every year dozens of bikes are stolen. Bicyclists must obey all traffic laws including stopping at red lights and stop signs, as well as yielding at yield signs and to pedestrians; A bicycle must have a headlight in front and rear red reflector or rear light if ridden in low light conditions.

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This will provide an opportunity to walk to several wonderful free museums including: Bus will leave K Mart at 7: Tickets will be on sale at the church dinners, at orientations, and at the DelDOT Bicycle Garage located in the park and ride lot.

Bicycles are encouraged to ride on the sidewalks on either side of Coastal Highway in the same direction as traffic, but bikes are not allowed on the sidewalks in the town of Rehoboth.

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All bikes left must have a combination lock not a key. Pick up your lunch at the Village Improvement Association clubhouse. If you have questions, email: If DelDOT is not able to provide you with a bike, we recommend shopping for one at WalMart, asking your landlord or employer if they have a bike for you, or contacting the local thrift shops to see if they have any bikes for sale.

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Places to visit and enjoy include: These trips provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about our history, visit interesting museums, and see unique architecture both old and new. Coastal Highway has a lot of traffic and a lot of drivers who are on vacation and not familiar with the area.

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Also, consider using the bus. We cannot over emphasize the need to wear a helmet. If you are stopped for riding a bike at night without lights, you will have to pay a fine.