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Geographically, the northern and central parts of County Armagh are dominated by comparatively flat, pleasant, rolling countryside. Patrickand the Catholic Church continues to be his see.

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The Troubles[ edit ] The southern part of the County has been a stronghold of support for the IRAearning it the nickname "Bandit Country" though this is widely regarded as an untrue media label that has resulted in the vilification and demonisation of the local community. A number of primary routes converge at Armagh ; these include the A3, A28, and A Understand[ edit ] County Armagh's reputation traditionally hinges on its role as the ecclesiastical centre of Ireland since CE the Primates of All Ireland in both the Church of Ireland and the Catholic Church have their seats in the city of Armagh and an area marred by conflict during the Troubles, with names like Portadown or Crossmaglen seared into collective memories of that period.

Otherwise, the usual caveats about travel in Northern Ireland apply: The M1 crosses the northern part of the county, serving communities in the area of Lurgan and Craigavon. In the far north, the county extends to the shore of Lough Neagh.

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The area around the base of Slieve Guillion near Newry also became home to a large number of the McGuinness clan as they were dispossessed of hereditary lands held in the County Down. These are relatively good-quality A roads, but not dual carriageway.

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Like other counties in Northern Ireland, Armagh is not an administrative unit but rather a widely recognized geographical area. Tiranny was ruled by Ronaghan.

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The officer was fatally shot by a sniper as he and a colleague investigated "suspicious activity" at a house nearby when a window was smashed by youths causing the occupant to phone the police. However, they were eventually driven out of the area by the Three Collas, who invaded in the 4th century and held power until the 12th.

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Armagh was divided into several baronies: Currently the county is covered for local government purposes by four district councilsnamely Armagh City and District Councilmost of Craigavon Borough Councilapproximately the western third of Newry and Mourne District Council and a part of Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Councilcentred around Peatlands Park.

See[ edit ] Armagh with its Catholic and Anglican cathedrals, Bishop's Palace, county museum, and other points of interest Navan Fort just outside Armagh: County Armagh is presently one of four counties of Northern Ireland to have a majority of the population from a Catholic background, according to the census. South of the city of Armagh, the land begins to become hillier until, as one approaches the Mourne and Cooley Mountains, the Ring of Gullion Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty rises to the dignity of mountains notably at Slieve Gullion the highest point in the county.

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Get in[ edit ] Car is the usual means of travel over medium to long distances. Upper and Lower Orior were O'Hanlon territory. County Armagh is nicknamed the Orchard County for its tradition of apple cultivation — and cider making.

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With the proposed reform of local government in Northern Ireland inCounty Armagh would have comprised part of two new council areas, Armagh City and Bann District, and Newry City and Down; however, that reform has not proceeded to date. The -XZ suffix is currently used on vehicle registration plates for vehicles registered in County Armagh.

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Miscellaneous tracts of land were ruled by O'Kelaghan. County Armagh also remains as a district for legal and property purposes; however, its baronies no longer have any administrative use. Armagh ceased to serve as an electoral constituency inbut remains the core of the Newry and Armagh constituency represented at Westminster and the Newry and Armagh constituency represented in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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The site, and subsequently the city, were named after the goddess Macha. Get around[ edit ] Newry's major roads such as the A1 and A2 are largely inadequate to the volume of traffic passing in, out, and through, so the traveller should be prepared for stoppages at many times of day.

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Since the reorganization of local districts in Northern Ireland, County Armagh has been administratively divided between the districts of Armagh, Banbridge, and Craigavon and of Newry, Mourne, and Down.

Armagh was the seat of St.

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The Clan Colla ruled the area known as Airghialla or Oriel for these years.