Dating someone with a mental illness, even though...

And for that and what her son did to the old man we want nothing to do with her and most decent people would be the same.


You don't owe someone "a chance. I do think you could do him a favour, though, and lay it out for him as you have here.

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Now you say she suffers with boarder line personality disorder? For example, what leads them to an anxiety attack? He doesn't seem to be willing or able to accept his situation which I kind of get.

Dating Someone With A Mental Illness. Mental Illness Dating

The important thing, to me, would be that active engagement and successful symptom management. Some parents cant cope with that either and they have the option of adoption.

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Then of course you try to fight for the relationship. It is absolutely the right thing to evaluate any chronic illness - mental or otherwise - into your relationship maths. Triggers - Anxiety Panic.

Understand the Condition

It's reasonable to expect happiness though. His friend is a lady.

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Knowing them as well as I do, and no matter how much I love them both, there is still no way I would date someone with the same problems. You reacted, and that's all there is to it.

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I've known three Schizophrenics in my life. I do not think you overreacted.

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I suffer from mental illness. I am a permanently single person with no opportunities out there for me and I know exactly what it's like to vancouver mayor dating chinese pop star slim to no pickings and no hope.

6 Tips for Dating Someone with a Mental Illness

The fact that he considers going on his meds because they are "holding him back" would send me packing. You do not have a moral imperative to sacrifice your life and happiness for someone else's.

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But, when you throw in this: But if you are newly dating them, no one is hurt too badly by breaking it off. But DOES he keep it under control? Giving reasons is almost always a terrible idea anyway.


It'd also be beyond his control if he were really short or really tall, or wore glasses or was bald, and those are all valid reasons for just not feeling attracted to someone. Mental illness is not the same as untreated mental illness, and there are both good and bad reasons for not wanting to stay on one's prescribed medications a lot of doctors, for example, tend to over-prescribe sedating medications.

Dating someone with a mental illness - The fact is many of you here recently are supposedly so balanced, caring and open minded and compassionate to yourselves and those you are caring for, but can not see the original isotopes dating old objects message for what it is, the need to extend some balanced, caring, open minded and compassionate to those impacted by mental illness.

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You made the right call by breaking up with him. No harm, no foul. Diabetes - Radio Show Blog.

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Your reasons for breaking up with him were sound - as others have pointed out, the concerns about him going off his meds or not holding down a job are absolutely good reasons to not be partnered with someone - and it sounds like your second thoughts have more to do with your worries about not meeting anybody else rather than having just lost someone you really wanted to be with.

It will also help you avoid these trigger situations or prepare for the possibility of an anxiety attack or other reaction.

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In addition to that, being in a relationship with someone because you don't have many other options is not a good thing to do. Don't waste your time. And with mental illness on top of that?

If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it, and it's always OK to walk away.

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