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I did a search on a woman in question and the search engine lead me to your site and a "not-published report". Therefore, we recommend you use caution and do not provide it to strangers. Met girl on internet from Russia, for about 4weeks, says all the right things, she has ask for my phone number to call me, what shall I do, if she is a scammer can they use my number for anything?

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These are reports added by visitors to our site, but without any corroborating proof. A list of some of them can be found on our help page Resources for reporting Q: In your case, it would be more logical to write a query to the British Embassy in Moscow and get their answer rather than trying to find it here.

This is a scam scheme and no matter how you transfer money to Lugansk she will end up receiving it.

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Thanks - this is the only information I have seen on this woman. Often scammers show Europe, USA, etc. It would have been cheaper As it is I know all of the immigration officers and all of the police at the airport police station and there are no dishonest immigration officials or dishonest police investigators It is easy for people to get fake IDs and with your money.

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Not a member yet? Unlike other senior dating sites, Senior Dating Com is an over 50 online dating site specifically designed to help people find serious relationships with senior singles. The one I was looking at stopped in mid-sentence. I wrote a letter in my behalf about a scam going on Hello, i wrote a letter in my behalf abou a scam going on, this person is saying he is investigatorFBI usa.

This is another kind of scam. I was told that at least 2 men getting off every plane that lands is being scamed This story is free to you but it cost me 25, so take it for what it is worth.

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Would you be so kind as to tell me what a "not-published Report" is? I have met a lady.

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The sole purpose of scammers is to convince you to do this. Nobody from our site will ever contact you with proposals for such services.

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You also can ask for help from live senior counselor if you have any questions or problems about senior relationships. Once you find someone that interests you, you can get in touch with that user through email or wink service.

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The best way would be to provide information about the scammer to the maximum possible number of special services and facilities in your country and the country of the scammers' residence. Who on the internet enforces regulates web sites and goes after scam web site?

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