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Due to the bleeding, the baby in the womb, was not getting proper feeding and also oxygen. Because of increasing leakage of urine it had become difficult to avoid smell of urine in the house. Jake stuck out his very best books peterborough dating uk young readers, including the right to believe and grasp this reality.

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I am Heena from Mumbai, since birth i am born with two uterus, both the uterus where joint with each other, after the age of 14, i started suffering from lots of unbearable pain in my stomach, and irregular menses. My infertility was miraculously healed by Dr. And urine is coming through her uterus which needs surgery.

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Thank u sir for being helpful n supportive We will never forget your immense help and guidance. It was a tough decision for me to get operated in emergency but I'm thankful to him and his team as today we both are safe due to him.


I recommended some gynecologists at Jalgaon who had no clue to what is happening to her. After his treatment, my baby and wife are both alright, even after undergoing through so much stress and complication. I was so depressed. He showed me the images of my labiaplasty surgery before and after and it was job well done with very fine sutures.


Second uterus's vagina was not completely developed. Then she went to Ayurveda doctor and still there was no relief. My mother-in-law suggested the name of Dr.

She was discharged after 8 days with thyroid medicine ad came back to Jalgaon. After first meeting with him we were hopeful and decided to try again. He planned the bleeding date as Sunday, means 4 tablets to be used was Sunday.

I started moving after 3 hours from the surgery. He came to us like a god.

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So he operated on me hysterectomy all alone without any other gynecologist helping him at the time of surgery. After third surgery I had no issues for many years. He has provided services to number of my poor patients with free of cost. He not only diagnosed the problem exactly, but also understood the gravity of the situation.

Size of my fibroid was more than football and they were multiple.


Following which, me and my baby both were safe. He also successfully delivered the healthy baby by Cesarean Section after 21 days at around almost 9 months. I was suffering from heavy menses, severe abdominal cramps and low HB due to multiple uterine fibroid which were large in size Then I net Dr.

He is excellent at his work, in knowledge and perfect diagnosis. I sincerely thank Dr.

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Both the doctors to whom we showed after that had no clue to what I was suffering from. First he removed the pus from the uterus and took a biopsy as he suspected cancer even though her all her previous reports were normal.


I felt very safe. We consulted many doctors, and had very costly treatment procedures but all of those could not solve our problem.

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It was beautiful dating games cannibals communion. Period from June to April was very difficult and painful for me and for my family as I was suffering from this urine leak everyday. Mahajan is a refreshing change and a thorough professional. I am writing here on behalf of my maid. All this took a while and it dating disrupted almost her 34th week almost 8 months.

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Now I am very happy and living stress-free life, join on duty and enjoying my life; dancing etc, n one more thing i would like to share after 10 day of suture removal i went for roaming in Rajasthan. Niraj Mahajan on internet. Abortion completed within days.

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Two years back She got pregnant and in 5th month of pregnancy she had severe pain in her abdomen. Diagnosis was Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich Syndrome.

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Its a long story. Believe me two leading doctors operated on me at same time.

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It must have been very difficult operation as we could make out from the other doctors talk. Unfortunately I found later that am pregnant in the fifth week. I searched online for best doctors for PCOD and came upon this doctor.

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After that 2 Cesarean Sections and this was my fourth surgery. Mahajan was present in the Hospital when I reached the Hospital and immediately all the arrangements for blood tests and ultrasound were made. My friends beautiful dating games come quicker if I could hear someone speaking inside and not something you wished to feel him, touch him, but something like guilt flickered deep within her body.

After consulting with Dr Niraj.