Drunk hook up with friend, have you...

There is no right or wrong answer.

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I was cool with it and so was she, it was just a little weird moment that happened, no big deal. We had nothing in common and had no love chemistry at all. You deserve to have the sex-related fun that you want, and maybe that means you want it from a pal.

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Just friends, once again You are free to stop the arrangement at any time, for any reason. Are you convinced that sleeping with this friend will cause them to love you back?

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It's true that some people—fathers and even mothers—are just not baby people and their kids become a lot more interesting the older they get. Volunteer drunken hook up with friend a soup kitchen because you want to help, not because you are doing penance for doing something wrong.

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That was until he heard a certain laugh. Will continuing a sexual relationship cause you pain and sadness?

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Finally I put the idea out there that we should just try hooking up. And I know that's something I absolutely do want out of life.

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I think maybe I felt bad for him, and wanted him to feel better. That can feel so tough, I know. You can say something like, "My father and I haven't been in contact for many years, and unfortunately, it's better for all of us that way.

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He and his wife are now divorcing. Maybe you two can over 50 dating websites an occasional lunch—although be aware that may just be too painful for both of you.

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Being sexually attracted to someone is only part of being attracted to them as a full, unique weirdo person. Do guys always tell their friends about their drunken hook-ups?

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I know this is a controversial stand, but I agree that turning a regretted one-night stand into a rape only ends up hurting women who actually are raped. Weigh the potential outcomes If you deeply value the friendship, understand that introducing hookups to the mix can make it hard for a friendship to continue.


In a one-on-one romantic relationship, you make an agreement with someone to exercise certain boundaries over how you engage sexually with others. But I also realized that the opposite was also true: And you do, and you fall a little bit in love, and the sex is amazing.

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You have the convenience of exploring your sexuality, without the added extra layer of feelings that you may not need or desire right that second. I qualified sex as an exclusive within the context of a bona-fide romantic relationship, OR a one-off adrenaline-fueled encounter.

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