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The website looks good and is pretty easy to navigate through and use the vast set of features.

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Jeremy Clarkson branded 'insulting and rude' during reboot's debut Megan McKenna stage school past revealed in youthful snaps Find out more on Wikipedia's Sister projects. However, if you're seeking a serious and long term relationship, you better check out some other websites.

The biggest problem on this site is the huge number of incomplete profiles and lack of genuine members. Cougar dating tlc - The series premiere is here!

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Aug 30, at 8: The website offers free trial but you'd have to pay if you're looking to initiate a conversation with other users on this site. I caught a rerun of Extreme Cougar Wives which featured year-old Hattie who bragged to her something date that she had thrown down with an year-old not too long ago.

The only stories year-old Tad had to share were those of his bipolar roommate.

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This site screams of unmatched class and top notch features, which makes the process of dating simple and fun. Haved daddy who wants to live a fun, spontaneous life and has the freedom to do so. A new show "extreme cougar lives" explores women in relationships with men, young enough not to be just their sons but their grandsons. One of the women in the other "I was 37 when you were born" couple suffered open ridicule from her much younger lover's friends.

While it certainly might not sport the best design, it manages to deliver pretty well.


This is a percent free site and users aren't required to upgrade their membership plan in order to use advanced features. Extreme Cougar Wives featured women who were sometimes at least 30 years older than their boyfriends only one of the couples was married.

For the first year of their relationship, Jude had to sneak cougar dating tlc and cougar dating tlc of Kevin's bedroom, because he still lived with his parents. Since its inception inthe website has given cougars and young men and interactive platform to get in touch with each other for fun and casual encounters. The website offers a seamless dating experience, a quality which isn't exhibited by most websites in this domain.

Access to advanced features, would however require a user to upgrade. The mother of the boy was crushed, as his new bride was older than she was!

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Having been divorced after a year marriage at the age of 39, I am all too familiar with the cougar craze. There do seem to be certain rules of thumb to go by when it comes to an age difference.

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I was hoping she had her own show but it seems it was only for one time. Instead, every registered user on this site can access the entire set of features.

Um, if I may Inez, interject for just a moment. Do people laugh and point at you when you're in public?

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The pluses Inez Bracy, a lifestyle transitions coach, says she has a "resounding yes" for the "are there advantages to dating a much younger man" question. The only positive thing my children got out of this show is how not to act, and to be appreciative that some parents make a lot of effort to care for and set good examples for the children to follow.

Above all, this site is fairly expensive for the stuff it offers. Having spent their younger years building a successful career, they now want to settle down with a much younger man who can fit easily into their busy lives. While the UI of this site is undoubtedly a class apart, this site lacks in substance.

Marti Battistacertified life coach and dating expert, explains that older women may have more in common with younger men from a lifestyle standpoint: How much of an age difference is cougar dating tlc much? Older men are often tied down with kids from a previous marriage, ex-wives and grueling careers to support the aforementioned.

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We're all familiar with the cougar craze, where older women date younger men. Does your date smell like Hollister cologne and you smell like Bengay?

These relationships are not without their problems, but hey, all relationships are difficult, right? If I wanted to know the latest details on a recently released video game, then we'd have something to talk about.

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I cougar dating tlc asking for an email address of someone in charge of programming and if not, I will resort to beginning a petition to have this ridiculous show removed from the air. On the other hand, dating a slightly younger man who is not more than 10 years younger may be the perfect transition for some women who find themselves divorced mid-life, so long as cougars don't lose sight of the fact that the world free dating websites man may want marriage and kids in the not too distant future.


This site has managed to bring together older women cougars and younger men cubs for fun, casual dating and long term relationships. The expert weighs in My questionable experience with younger men notwithstanding, I wanted to know what's behind this undeniable trend. The best part about using this site is it is absolutely free to use.

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The website has a decent membership base, which makes it easier for people find their ideal match. Unfortunately when you start to look beyond the appearance, all you see it false promises.

Still another young man literally slept on every outing to the point that my friend and I started calling him Mr. On this show, a year-old woman "married" it was a handfasting ceremony her year-old boyfriend. Step inside this phenomenon for a closer look.

Since its inception, this site has been the preferred choice of those looking for fun and casual dating.