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We used design and illustration as a way to process thoughts and feelings. It was the perfect metaphor.

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As a designer, I am driven to create emotionally driven work that can touch people in some way. What did your friends say about this or did you not tell them? I was looking hard for the right person, which indirectly put way too much pressure on my relationships.

Walsh and Goodman have very different approaches to relationships -- she tends to "jump right in," whereas he is more wary of commitment.

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It was a small idea I had about a year ago, but I didn't really know the 'what' or the 'how. Their journey turned into a viral blog that has drawn over 10 million unique visitors since its launch—not just because it was an engrossing romantic dramedy couples therapy! One of our friends started crying at the dinner table. My business partner, Stefan Sagmeisterhas been exploring the theme of happiness through his documentary film, The Happy Film.

We went back and forth several times about whether it was a good idea. A project like this, where we essentially sacrificed our personal lives, was incredibly rewarding because it went beyond design. Did you you both learn about some of your quirks or deeper issues in this process?

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Did "40 Days" give you any inspiration that might affect your design thinking or your work? Who came up with the concept for those?

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We were waiting in line for egg sandwiches at a deli in JFK en route to Art Basel when Tim mentioned an idea he had for a dating project. The project's website explains: I didn't want to ruin that.

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How has your approach to love, dating, and relationships changed since the experiment? We launched the project with the first three days, and we're posting it daily until the end. What if they fall in love?

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What interested you in doing this? How did your design and illustration work 40 days dating jessica walsh you process what you were going through emotionally during the experiment? Before the experiment, I was trying to chase love, in a way. I backed out once in the beginning because I met a guy I liked.

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They thought that Tim just wanted to sleep with me, and that I just wanted a relationship with him. What were your worries going in to 40 Days?

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They settled on a day timeline, and agreed on six rules: Jessie ran with the idea, and it really became something entirely different after that. I've always admired the human and self-exploration aspect of this work. This project took it to a whole new personal level—mashing design with our personal lives.

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Yes, we want to continue doing robust personal projects that challenge the boundaries between our careers and our lives. We tried to talk ourselves out of it, but we knew this was a once in a lifetime chance.

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By Carey Dunne 5 minute Read In Julyafter struggling with opposite relationship problems fear of commitment vs. I was much more reserved before 40 Days of Dating in terms of sharing my feelings and personal life. With our curiosity piqued and the site just a few hours old, we checked in with the NYC designers to find out why they'd embark on such a risky and not-obviously-design-related venture.

An Experiment, has just been published by Abrams. The project was a really big risk for both of us, personally and professionally.

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Design caught up with Walsh and Goodman about design as therapy, risk-taking in both work and love, and their hard-won dating wisdom. Did it take some convincing to get this off the ground?

Jessie made me realize that. In an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies, Tim and Jessica will go through the motions of a relationship for the next 40 days: It's wonderful to be in a field where I have the skills to communicate with people visually, and I try to use that to my advantage.

I recently heard a great quote by Lena Dunham. We had a very good friendship.

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